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Shiva Mandir


Salutations for the na-letter-embodiment Śiva, Who is adorned with a garland of snake, Who has three eyes, Who has ashes rubbed over the body, Who is the ruler of everyone, Who is indestructible, Who is pure and without ornation, and Who is entirely blissful.||1||

Salutations for the ma-letter-embodiment Śiva, Who is covered with water of Mandākinī (Gańgā) and sandalwood paste, Who is the ruler of Nandin and other tormentors, Who is offered with Mandāra and many other flowers, and Who is entirely blissful.||2||

Salutations for the śi-letter-embodiment Śiva, Who is like the Sun for the lotus-like body of Gaurī, Who destroyed the sacrifice of Dakṣa, Who absolved poison (during ocean-churning) in His throat, Who has a bull as His flag, and Who is entirely blissful.||3||

Salutations for the va-letter-embodiment Śiva, Who is prayed by Vasiṣṭha, Gautama, Agastya, Udbhava (son of Nahuṣa) and Gods alike, Who has the Sun, the Moon and the Fire as His three eyes, and Who is entirely blissful.||4||

Salutations for the ya-letter-embodiment Śiva, Who took the form of spiritual apparition (Yakṣa), Who has tresses locked on His head, Who held the mighty bow Pināka, Who is perpetual, Who is divine, Who is in the form of Gods, Who is without ornation, and Who is entirely blissful.||5||

(Adi Shankara)